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Try out our demo app with one of your NFTs and see it for yourself! You can frame your NFT with one of our sample frames, view the result in 3D, download an image of it and generate a beautiful cover photo - all for free!

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What is Frahm?

Showcase Galleries

Our frames are Metaverse-ready 3D objects which can be utilized in galleries such as Oncyber, Spatial, Mona and more. Check out our showcase galleries in Oncyber and Spatial.

NFTs in the Metaverse Will Be Framed

Imagine Frames as NFTs

NFTs are the next frontier of art, and frames have always played a significant role in art history. We are giving collectors, creators, and galleries the frames they deserve. Frahm is bringing the art of framing into the metaverse.

Innovation In Framing

A New Design Space for Frames

Digital frames are the next frontier in the art of framing. Throughout history, innovation and experimentation in frames has always evolved. Now, Web3 and the metaverse provide frame makers with new capabilities.

Enhancing Digital Art

For Collectors, Creators and Galleries

Frames are multipliers of appeal and value. They enhance the art they encase, and suggest the value we should attach to it. Frames function as a bond between the dream world of art and the surroundings that the work inhabits.

"All paintings need frames. Good paintings deserve them."

Art in its Own Right

Craftsmanship for the Digital Frame

While frames enhance art, framing is an art in its own right. Frames can be remarkably beautiful creations. Their own brilliance must also serve that of the paintings they encase.

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