Frahm Genesis Collection

The first 3D digital frame collection based on generative art

Collection Supply: 476

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Mintlist Mint

28th April, 16:00 CET

Public Mint

29th April, 16:00 CET


30th April, 16:00 CET


30th April, 16:00 CET

*All unminted Genesis NFTs will be burned gradually within 48 hours from the reveal

Become a Stakeholder in the Frahm Community

Genesis NFT holders will receive premium access to our

- Frame Development Kit
- Frame Galleries
- Frahm DAO
- And more …

A Limited Supply of
Unique Frame NFTs

The Frahm Genesis Collection consists of a limited supply of unique frame NFTs based on generative art. In other words, digital frames tokenized as their own NFTs. Each will be a unique artwork consisting of various layers, attributes, and rarities.

Crafted Through
Generative Art

All frame NFTs of the Frahm Genesis Collection will be the output of our generative art algorithm. An autonomous system carefully trained over many months by our generative artist.

High-Res, Metaverse-ready 2D and 3D models

All frame NFTs will be available in high-resolution and different file types. 2D images for conventional display and 3D models for virtual reality experiences.

Generated on the
Ethereum Blockchain

Frahm Genesis Collection NFTs will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain as standardized ERC-721 tokens to manage its digital property rights.

Integrated in
Metaverse Galleries

Genesis frame NFTs and all future frames developed by Frahm will be integrated and usable in Metaverse galleries such as Oncyber, Spatial, Mona and more. 

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Meet the Generative
Artist Behind Frahm

I’m Lucas Swick. I’m a Generative Artist.

That’s just a fancy way of saying I write code that makes art.

I’m a generative artist writing algorithms that describe natural phenomena. I study patterns and forms from the natural world and write mathematical equations that recreate them. Each equation accepts a multitude of parameters, and by choosing random parameters, my programs create many variations, ranging from highly abstract versions to impressively chaotic manifestations of the original idea.

Frames Running on Code

A frame maker works with the capabilities at hand. NFTs, the metaverse, and computer technology set a new context to interpret this craft.

The most important tool in our frame creation process is our FDK. Built from scratch on pure code and math, the FDK gives us a framework with powerful capabilities. In the Frahm Genesis Collection, all frames are the output of a generative art algorithm.

An autonomous system carefully developed and iteratively fine-tuned interacting with the FDK. Genesis frames are crafted based on the algorithm and generated randomly into a holistic piece of art.

Access to the Frahm Ecosystem

Genesis NFT holders are early stakeholders in the Frahm community and will receive premium access within the Frahm ecosystem

The Frame Development Kit

The FDK gives creators, collectors, and galleries a tool to create and tokenize digital frames as NFTs.

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3D Frame Galleries

Frahm’s own 3D Frame Galleries will give you a new way to exhibit and experience digital art.

Coming soon

Frahm DAO

Our goal is to build a community owned
platform in form of the Frahm DAO.

In the future

Democratizing Access to Digital Frame Creation

The FDK gives creators, collectors, and galleries a tool to create and tokenize digital frames as NFTs. Frahm developed its own in-house tooling from scratch to craft digital frames. It offers powerful capabilities and customization options.

The Frahm DAO

Our goal is to build a community owned platform in form of the Frahm DAO. We envision a future in which the metaverse frame stack represents a set of core infrastructure services for the NFT ecosystem. Building the Frahm Dao will become an objective once we successfully have built an initial ecosystem.