Design your own 3D digital frames, with no 3D modelling
experience required. Enhance your digital art and become
your own metaverse frame maker.

Mintlist Mint

28th April, 16:00 CET

Public Mint

29th April, 16:00 CET


30th April, 16:00 CET


30th April, 16:00 CET

*All unminted Genesis NFTs will be burned gradually within 48 hours from the reveal

Enhance your digital art experience

Co-create with Frahm

Design your own 3D digital frames and mint them as NFTs. All made easy by the FDK.

Enhance your art

Enhance your Frahm Gallery or any other virtual gallery experience with a custom 3D frame.

Become your own frame maker

Easily craft metaverse-ready 3D frames, with no 3D modelling experience needed.

Get Started

No 3D modelling experience needed

All you need is our technology and your creativity.

Generative art

By using the “randomize” button, you can leverage the Frahm generative art algorithm to design your frame.


Your 3D digital frame will automatically adapt to the size of your uploaded digital art.

Ambient frames

The Ambience feature allows you to extend your uploaded art onto your frame.

Color Detection

The FDK detects the dominant color composition of your artwork and suggests matching frame colors.

NFT Minting

The FDK allows you to mint your frame as an NFT, to use it in various digital galleries. You will also be able to download the corresponding GLB 3D model and PNG image.

Frame your gallery 

Enhance your metaverse gallery with a custom 3D digital frame. Load it right into your gallery as NFT or 3D model. 

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