Build your NFT Gallery and Share Your Experience

Create your own experience

Design your own 3D art gallery in
just a few steps.

Highlight the beauty of your art

Elegant close-ups displaying a selection of your art in 3D; a unique way to experience digital art.

Share your 3D gallery

Share your 3D gallery link and download high-resolution previews.

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Examples of Frahm 3D Galleries

Experience your art in 3D

Experience and showcase your art in a 3D environment from new perspectives. Our galleries emphasize a fine digital art experience with premium close-ups and camera controls.

Share your 3D gallery

Share your 3D gallery seamlessly and download high-resolution previews. Frahm galleries enable a superior experience across devices including mobile and desktop.

Customize your 3D gallery environment

Highlight your art in a custom 3D environment. Choose between high-end textures and fine-tune your setting to build a unique experience.

Customize your 3D frames

Customize your 3D frames to build a holistic experience and pair your art. Choose between different sample frames and passepartouts options.

Integrate custom 3D frames (coming soon)

Enhance your 3D gallery with a custom-built 3D frame from scratch. The Frahm FDK allows you to design your own frame with no 3D modelling experience required.

Create a Gallery

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