The Metaverse Frame Maker

Frahm is bringing craftsmanship to the digital frame. We are giving collectors, creators, and galleries the frames they deserve.


Lucas Swick

Established Generative Artist, Woodworker, Engineer

Athena van Frahm
Art Advisor

Gallerist, PhD in History of Art, Fine Art Connoisseur

Artus van Frahm
Project Lead

Web3 Advocate since 2016, Serial Founder, Punk #2772

Dalí de Frahm
Solution Architect

Founder DeFi Protocol, Aerospace Engineer

Marco von Frahm
Business Development

NFT Expert, Metaverse Accelerator, Ex-Consultant

Bieronymous von Frahm
Engineering Lead

Web3 since 2015, Full-Stack Developer & Security Consultant.

Simple Simon
Core Advisor

Crypto Native, VC Investor

Hany Rizk
Design & Product

Founder No BS: a Web3 UX studio,
prev. founded Somuchmore (acquired)

Luter de Frahm

SEO since 2010, Growth Hacking

Dre de Frahm

Community Manager, Performance & Growth Marketer

Our Vision

Frahm is built on the underlying principles of the Web3 movement. We believe in the ownership economy, a community-first approach, and positive-sum games. We are building our products and services on decentralized infrastructure. Our vision is to build a brand and ecosystem which brings forth the brilliance of NFT art. Our mission is to give creators, collectors and galleries the frames they deserve. We accomplish this by building the worlds‘ leading platform to create, collect and experience framed NFT art.

The Frahm platform is developed by Stuko Labs Pte. Ltd. and its subsidiary Stuko Labs, s.r.o.

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