Frahm Flow

The First Animated 3D Frame Collection

Created by OgiWorlds and Frahm

Collection Supply: 66


Let the Frames Flow

Frahm Flow combines the grace of Japanese joinery with the dynamic energy of transformation, bringing a whole new dimension of framing to the metaverse.


The Fusion of Craftsmanship and Technology

Merging ancient techniques and futuristic aesthetics, at its core Frahm Flow is a state-of-art 3D frame collection optimised for usage across various virtual galleries.


Unlock a New Dimension of Art

Become a digital art pioneer and frame your favourite art in the first animated frame collection.

Frahm Flow Collection I

The first 3D animated frame collection

Collection Supply: 30

Mintlist Mint

28th April, 16:00 CET

Public Mint

29th April, 16:00 CET


30th April, 16:00 CET


30th April, 16:00 CET

*All unminted Genesis NFTs will be burned gradually within 48 hours from the reveal

About The Collection

Frahm Flow

The Frahm Flow Collection is a limited supply collection of 66 unique animated 3D frames to enhance your digital art in the metaverse.

A new dimension in digital art

Experience digital art in an even more immersive and engaging way. Enhance your Frahm Gallery, Oncyber, Spatial, or any other virtual gallery experience with a unique animated frame.

A historic first

The first animated frame collection ever created. Its provenance as a metaverse artefact is manifested on the Ethereum blockchain. 

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Featured Sample Galleries

Frahm Flow holders will receive exclusive access to their own Frahm Flow Gallery. You can also enhance your gallery in Oncyber, Spatial and more.
Check out the showcases below.

Collaborating with OgiWorlds

Frahm collaborated with a 3D animation expert to craft the first animated frame collection.

OgiWorlds is an artist, an animator, a designer, and a builder, creating new worlds and realities in the metaverse.

Applying animation
to framing

The art of framing is a delicate and crucial element in presenting a piece of art in the best possible light. The right frame can complement the artwork, provide space, and emphasize the piece in its natural environment.

The frame should emphasize the artwork and not compete with the artwork for attention. This aspect is even more significant in designing an animated frame. The animation should draw the viewer's eye towards the piece and enhance the overall viewing experience.

The Frahm Flow collection includes three different base materials which function as leading property differentiator within the collection. Namely, metal, stone, and wood. Each of these properties incorporates a unique animation pattern to reflect its unique characteristics.  

Evolution in the
art of framing

Framing has been an integral part of the art world for centuries, serving as a means of protection, display, and enhancement for works of art.

The history of picture framing can be traced back to ancient civilizations, greatly evolved during the Renaissance, and still plays a vital role in the art world today.

The Frahm Flow collection is now pushing the boundaries of traditional framing and introducing a new dimension to how we experience digital art. With the first animated frame collection ever created, we are exploring a new design space and evolution in the art of framing.

The metaverse, NFTs and digital art offer us unprecedented capabilities.

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